Come funziona?

Ogni cliente, per noi, deve avere una strategia di comunicazione video cucita su misura. Ciò nonostante, dopo aver lavorato con diverse realtà, passando dalla piccola impresa a gestione familiare alla grande istituzione, abbiamo capito che le nostre formule di comunicazione video si articolano attorno a degli standard di riferimento che abbiamo creato per la comunicazione online e che descriviamo di seguito. Questi format ti saranno utili per capire quale formula comunicativa hai in mente per la tua azienda, se emotiva, informativa o partecipativa. Ogni format ha ovviamente un range di budget diverso che può essere personalizzato in base alle tue esigenze. Cominciamo a dargli uno sguardo! 


It is a 60 seconds short film and represents the company's flag. Its purpose is to trigger an emotional correspondence with the viewer. For this reason, it envisages the drafting of a subject and a screenplay which will be defined and approved with the client.

Short documentary

It is made up of an interview with the managers, edited with images of the company's life and products. Unlike the commercial, it looks more like a documentary and points to the rational aspect of the viewer. It allows to analyze the strengths of the product and the company mission.

Video Presentation

It is a short presentation of your business through its managers. It is made to give a face to your company, with the aim of highlighting its points of strenghts and why it should be useful to your customers.

Corporate Video Series

It is a specific video about a product (a plate, a cocktail, a vacuum cleaner, an electric saw, a safety device ...). It can be more illustrative (with titles and data) or emotional (with a more impactful narrative)

Video Bites and Gifs

A video bite is a video of about 10/15 seconds specifically designed for social network communication. It is short and attractive like a mini time lapse, a slowmotion or a tracking shot.


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