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Broadcast series

If you think you need to publish more videos to promote your content, your news, your offers, your products, then you are thinking of making your social networks a sort of broadcast. We at Daydream have thought of a solution especially designed for you, allowing you to buy packages of multiple videos at a fraction of the original price.


It is the formula par excellence of the promotional video, the flag of the Company. It can be made with completely original shots or with hybrid solutions. It can be accompanied by illustrative infographics or have a pure cinematic narration. Don't put limits on your story. Get in touch with us and we will find the best solution for your company.

stock video

Daydream has worked hard to have an archive of original images to combine with the best international stock videos. This allowed us to be able to create spots of maximum visual impact even for companies thousands of kilometers away. This is the ideal solution if you have a limited budget or - in the hybrid solution (stock + original images) - if you have to publish videos regularly on your social channels.

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Choose the type

Choose the type of video that best suits your needs. Consider whether you need a single video or a real palimpsest, to always keep the attention of your customers alive. Consider if you want infographics to better illustrate your data and results and if a voice over could help your project emerge more strongly. Write to us, we will be at your disposal to understand with you the most suitable solution for your company.



Innovative startups, technology industries and IT companies now have the perfect solution to create their promotional video in an agile and effective way. Thanks to a careful study of the sector storytelling, Daydream Studio offers you an intelligent, fast and top quality creative possibility to communicate how your company will change the world.



Research bodies, foundations and scientific companies now have the perfect solution to create their promotional video in an agile and effective way. We know that it is not easy for companies in this sector to combine communication needs and protocols of confidentiality, promotional effectiveness and communicative sobriety. This is why we have designed extremely agile solutions that combine these needs effectively and safely. Contact us to find out more.



Financial companies, insurance companies and trading agencies now have the perfect solution to create their promotional videos. We know how important it is for companies in the sector to combine expressive effectiveness and rigor in communications. For this reason we have designed extremely agile solutions that combine these two needs, the possibility of powerful images with the opportunity to accompany them with the latest generation of infographics, which would allow a compelling display of your data and contents. Contact us to find out more.

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Write us or call us directly. We will talk and we will try to understand together which is the video solution that best suits your needs, in relation to your customers, your brand and your goals.

We will study and send you the estimate of the solution that we have designed for you, making sure to optimize the processes to the maximum to allow you to have the best product at the most convenient budget.

If you accept our quote, we will organize with you eventual shooting days and delivery times, to better fit into your workflow and deliver the product as soon as possible.





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