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Italian Content for Italian Restaurants

Who we are

We are a team made up of an award winning filmmaker/photographer and social media strategist, a chef and a food industry consultant. We have Italian and international clients and we work with start-ups, food producers and restaurants. 

What we do

We shoot video, spot and video series. We create and run Social Media Profiles for Italian Restaurants abroad. We fill them with original Italian content such as videos photos, gifs, promos and video series with your dishes, logos, products. We also coordinate on site content production strategy.

How we do it

We team up with our client and support him in the entire communication process. Thanks to Chef Roberta and Guido, we recreate exactly the type of dishes you serve and create a storytelling around it, using your ingredients and process, set up in external or internal locations. We are also open for food consultancy and company restructuring to help you achieve the best entrepreneurial results.

Why us?

Because if you work with Italian food, no one knows it better than us. Because if you sell Italian flavors, Italian lifestyle should also be in your communication. Because we are not just communicators, but food expert and business consultant which can provide valuable assets for your work process.  

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Contact Us!

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Address: Via Aurelia Antica, 424 - 00165 - Rome

tel. +39.3319320447


PI:  15150571006

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