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6 Rules to create a viral video

Today we talk about the six rules of virality (not virility, please ...) but virality!

That is: what are those principles, those strategies, those characteristics that must be included in our videos (whether these are commercials, video series, gifs or simple Instagram or Facebook Stories) to give them viral potential.

Before we begin, a very brief note on what is meant by viral.

Viral is anything that acts like a virus, which starts from a person and spreads very quickly. We must think of virality as a fire that is started in a forest to remind us that the size of the spark is never proportionate to the size of the fire it can cause.

When we talk about advertising, corporate communication, marketing, there are 6 rules that we must keep in mind if we want to make our video viral.

These six rules are usually remembered under the acronym of STEPPS (S.T.E.P.P.S. is written with two p's).

Let's see together what these letters stand for and what are therefore the six rules that we must keep in mind when we want to make a video that has a strong viral potential.

S: Social Value.

To understand this principle, we must take a small step back and understand that the beginning of the famous word of mouth does not happen by chance. When a person is at the pub with friends and decides to talk about something he has seen, to tell a story instead of another, he does not make this choice by chance. Instead, he does so in relation to the Social Value that a certain story confers on the person of him.

To understand what Social Value is, just answer these questions: How does a story appear to me when I tell it? Does this story that I tell help build in the minds of those who listen to me the image I want others to have of me? Does it make me look smart? Informed? Fashionable? Well inserted? In short, does it give me Social Value? If so, I'll tell you about it. If not, I'll choose another one.

T: Triggered

Of the things around me, how many of them remind me of the video I just watched or the story I just listened to? For example, if a story focuses on coffee, every time the person who listened to it drinks coffee, they could automatically think about my story. If, on the other hand, my story is focused on quantum physics, morality or abstract principles, very rarely those who have listened to it will see or hear something that will bring it back to their mind.

E: Emotion

If we want it to be remembered, commented on or shared, our spot must arouse emotion, it must deeply touch the emotional chords of the viewer. This is because it is only when we care about something that we share it. In other words, the more a video raises our emotional temperature, the more we are inclined to share it. Think about when a documentary makes you angry, or moved, or indignant… you can't help but talk about it with someone. Here we are? That is why making videos that are politically correct, balanced, predictable, standardized and that do not offend anyone's sensibilities will not get you very far.

P: Public

If you want your ad to go viral, it needs to be accessible. It must be easy to find, it must happen in front of your eyes. In other words, considering the algorithms of social networks, if you have a company and you want your video to get many views, you have to sponsor it.

P: Practical

Your video, if possible, should also contain practical information, which can range from what to do in the evening, how to save money, how to improve your health, how to win the woman of your dreams, how to change yours. life.

S. Stories

And this is the most important component of the six rules of virality. If you want your video to go viral, it has to tell a story. This is because our brains are shaped to be able to remember stories better than any other type of information. It is no coincidence that, since ancient times, stories have been used to convey a concept, a moral, information, to disseminate it and disseminate it to as many people as possible and for years to come. In other words, when we build the script for our commercial, let's make sure it contains at least a good part of the 6 rules of virality.

This has been a brief overview of the rules you should keep in mind if you are planning to make a video for your company, a commercial, a video series or just setting up social communication.

They are laws that you should consider for any content you post, be it a video, a story, a post. Maybe all six of them don't have to be present in each piece of content, but the more, the better.

We at Daydream Studio specialize in creating video content that can give your company and your project the best possible visibility, building loyalty and interest to your audience and making them emotionally involved in your business project.

Because that's what every company needs: its audience.

If you want to make a difference and distinguish yourself from mass communication, write to us. We will be happy to meet you and talk to you. Then, who knows? If we are in tune and we are passionate about your project, we could also start a journey together ;-)

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